1. Can the Bambu X1 Print Carbon Filament?

    The X1C (C for Carbon) model is a nice upgrade to the X1. It has all the features the X1 has, plus an Activated Carbon Filter, Auxiliary Part Cooling Fan, Chamber Monitoring Camera, and Hardened Steel Extruder Gears/Nozzle. The Key options here are the Hardened Steel bits. These little bits allow the printer to use […]

  2. The Common Cure for Failed Prints

    The Common Cure for Failed Prints

    When done right. First Layer, Improves the print quality and success!

  3. E-steps Calibration Calculator

    E-steps Calibration Calculator

    Below is the E-Steps Calculator, for your convenience, it is located near the top of the page. This is for calibrating the steps of the extrusion motor for your 3D Printer without removing the extruder or Bowden tube from the hot end. The full instructions and description of the operation are located below the calculator. […]

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