The X1C (C for Carbon) model is a nice upgrade to the X1. It has all the features the X1 has, plus an Activated Carbon Filter, Auxiliary Part Cooling Fan, Chamber Monitoring Camera, and Hardened Steel Extruder Gears/Nozzle.

The Key options here are the Hardened Steel bits. These little bits allow the printer to use abrasive filaments such as Carbon and Glass Fiber Reinforced.

The question is, "Can I use the X1 version to print Carbon filament?"

The official answer from Bambu is, "You can print carbon fiber materials if you want, but without the extremely hardened steel nozzle and extruder (20~25Rc on X1, above 60Rc on X1c nozzle), the nozzle can wear down very quickly, so we recommend only printing carbon fiber materials with the X1-Carbon."

Similar to the question, "Can you take a lowered car off-roading?"

The answer is, "Yes, but not for long."

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