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  1. How long to let 3d print cool?

    It is generally recommended to allow 3D prints to cool down before removing them from the printer bed for several reasons: Therefore, waiting until the print has completely cooled down is best before removing it from the printer bed. The exact amount of time required for cooling will depend on the size and material of […]

  2. 3d Printing Technologies

    There are a couple of handfuls of 3d printing technologies currently, and people will develop more as we explore material science. Essentially 3d printing is taking a digital model and building a physical copy. All 3d printers take a material and build layer by layer to print the objects. The difference between the technologies is […]

  3. The Common Cure for Failed Prints

    The Common Cure for Failed Prints

    When done right. First Layer, Improves the print quality and success!

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