It is generally recommended to allow 3D prints to cool down before removing them from the printer bed for several reasons:

  1. Warping: In my experience, when a 3D print is still hot, it is more prone to warping and deformation. This is especially true for prints made from materials like ABS, or PC, which tend to shrink as they cool down. Removing the print before it has cooled down can cause it to warp or deform, ruining the print.
  2. Adhesion: If the print is removed from the bed while it's still hot, it can damage the bed's surface or the print itself. This is because the print may still be partially adhered to the bed due to the residual heat, and pulling it off too soon can cause the layers to separate or the print to break. If you have a glass bed, it can crack.
  3. Safety: Removing a hot 3D print from the printer can be dangerous. If the print is still hot, it may cause burns or other injuries if it comes into contact with your skin. On one of my larger prints, the flexible plate was not flexing, and getting it off the bed was hard. Trying to pry it up with my fingers was a mistake; as I slid my finger between the plate and the bed, it became apparent quickly that it was too hot!

Therefore, waiting until the print has completely cooled down is best before removing it from the printer bed. The exact amount of time required for cooling will depend on the size and material of the print, but as a general rule, it's best to wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before attempting to remove the print, especially if it is a larger print.

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