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  1. Loss of Power Print Fail.

    This website contains affiliate links that we are paid commissions from if you click them and purchase products. Power Loss Power Loss can happen for many reasons. For me, it is the recent heavy weather and wind or the multiple power splitters employed in my office sometimes getting bumped. (The outlet near my desk reminds […]

  2. The Common Cure for Failed Prints

    The Common Cure for Failed Prints

    When done right. First Layer, Improves the print quality and success!

  3. Slicer Flow Calibration

    Slicer Flow Calibration

    I personally update flow rate calibration every time I change to a different filament as well I also print a Temp tower. These two things set me up for success in printing with different filaments. It takes a few hours but I write down the numbers to use the next time I use the same […]

  4. 3d Printing Wiki

    Printer Manufactures 0–9 3D makeR Technologies 3D Systems A-B AIO Robotics Airwolf 3D Aleph Objects C-F Carbon Cellink CRP Group Creality Desktop Metal envisionTEC Formlabs Fusion3 G-L Geeetech HP Inc. Hyrel 3D Kikai Labs Kudo3d M M3D Made In Space, Inc. MakerBot Materialise NV Markforged Mcor Technologies Ltd N-Q Printrbot Prusa Research R Renishaw plc […]

  5. 3d Printing toolbox

    E-Steps Calibration Calculator Flow Rate Calibration Calculator

  6. 3+ Ways to Make Money on Polymo's MarketPlace

    3D Designs and Design Services Do you have skills in using any of the many 3d designing software such as Blender, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, TinkerCAD, and the like? Or are you aspiring to learn? Polymo is a marketplace that will help you to sell with minimum cost to you. Selling Premade or On-Demand 3D Prints […]

  7. E-steps Calibration Calculator

    E-steps Calibration Calculator

    Below is the E-Steps Calculator, for your convenience, it is located near the top of the page. This is for calibrating the steps of the extrusion motor for your 3D Printer without removing the extruder or Bowden tube from the hot end. The full instructions and description of the operation are located below the calculator. […]

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